The Sonics will NOT be playing The Fete Music Hall in Rhode Island on Thursday, November 10th! The venue has closed down and canceled its shows due to a terrible incident of stabbing over the weekend.
We DO encourage those RI folks to come see us at Pearl Street Nightclub in Northhampton,MA on Friday though.
Grab tickets to the Pearl Street Show here : http://nbotickets.com/event.asp?show=8983


A word of warning to all SONICS fans who want to buy the new RSD split 7” with Mudhoney:

DO NOT trawl eBay and Discogs looking for copies. Chances are, they will be sold at ridiculously inflated prices and we plan on undercutting that practice.

Three thousand of these records were minted, so it was never intended on on being flipped like a piece of real-estate. We will have copies for sale May 15th on our website in decent quantity, at a fair cost.

DO NOT support the flippers.

Buy from a reputable record shop on Record Store Day, if not, direct from us, from Mudhoney and from Muddy Roots records.

SONICS/Mudhoney split 7”s

This is what 300 Record Store Day SONICS/Mudhoney split 7”s looks like! Colored green/black wax, individually numbered and soon to be signed by the guys in the band. We’re bringing them on our European tour and will sell the remainder either online or on the road and when they are gone, they’re gone! Thank you Jason Galaz and Muddy Roots Music Recordings for everything!!!